International Fares Management

Target Audience All International Travel Consultants
Course Outline & Outcomes This course is designed as a refresher course to update international consultants on both Route Based and Mileage Based fares.

At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  • IATA areas & sub areas
  • Global indicators
  • General fare entries
  • Tax and currency entries
  • Route & mileage based fares
  • Point to Point International calculations
  • Airline route based fare calculations
  • Understanding Component vs Pricing unit
  • Discussion on reading fare calculation and taxes on the ticket
  • International fares mileage calculation
  • Calculation of Round Trip/ Circle trip mileage-based fares
  • Fare Quote
  • Fare Quote management
Prerequisites International fares experience
Delivery Classroom
Duration 2 Days
Additional Info